At the age of 12, I could go to a local fair in Perk (B). In the fair tent of the family Willibal from Veltem (B) I saw my first organ - an 80 key Mortier - and I loved it.
It didn't take long before I could help playing the songs. The first song I let the organ play was Chanson de Lara.

Some years later, the family Willibal ended their business. Another tent came to town, with an organ - with enlighted front! - rented from the family Teugels from Walem (B). From then on, the organ virus struck hard. When this family too stopped renting organs, I could take over some of their business. Since 1988 Belgium has a new organ rental business.

There used to be another organ rental business in Perk. It was owned by Mr. Van Beneden, better known as "Fons from Perk". In 1948 he bought the 121 key pipe organ "Metro" from Gebroeders Decap Antwerpen. At this time, I am proud to be known as the "Guy from Perk" and to be the owner of the 121 key organ "Goliath".